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On Lucy, copied from what I wrote upon being asked for an explanation on’s Facebook:

Asians, Asian men are not dispensable props. I’m all for having women be (anti)heroes, but the way they used our home and bodies is appalling. Asian, male…


Anonymous asked:

I heard your camping story that inspired you to write Fight Club. Do all your books have some sort of personal story behind them or is it at times all just pure imagination?


Sorry, I don’t believe in pure imagination.  Everything I write is a fictionalized diary entry.  Tom S will back me up; even when you think you’re writing crazy pretend shit, you’re actually revealing truths about yourself that even you don’t realize on a conscious level.  Years later, as you’re marketing the book, you’ll suddenly  recognize what you’re telling strangers, and you’ll pray no one else does.

Henry James said, “A novelist sells to strangers, for three dollars, the secrets he would not tell his closest friend.”   (  paraphrased, here ) 

bowchicawow-wow asked:

Your themes have earned you a reputation as a nihilist, but you have always rejected this label. In your own words - not that I believe in branding one's self or labels - how do you view the content of your own work? how would you describe it?


Our culture has squeezed all the juice out of the words “I love you.”  So as a neo-neo-neo-romantic I’m looking for ways to depict romance and love that make those concepts fresh.  I want to depict love as an act of dedication and will.  That was the core of the story “Romance,” having the ability to love someone for their true self instead of your own fantasy about them.  My quest to show this goes all the way back to ‘Fight Club’ where two people gradually reveal themselves to one another, warts and all.

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